Sunday, September 26, 2010

From Church... to the river!!!

Baby from the Filipino Comminity
       A personal living area has many things which makes it an incredible and boring place to be in. Incredible places are those that one wants to hold memorable. Whether it's a meeting area for friends, a place that makes it distinguished from others, or a rendezvous that holds memories, a person likes to express these to others. In Hirakata I would like to think that there are many places that have an interesting feeling to them. The problem is choosing which ones I would like to talk about; the old looking road towards Hirakata Koen, the back roads by the City Hall, the park behind the sakura trees near Kansai Gaidai, the Basu Hiroba under the station.
Hirakata Catholic Church
        I think these are all great, but I want to talk about the places that are unusual for Japan and probably unknown to many Ryuugakusei. The first one is the Church I attend in Hirakata. The most interesting thing about it, is the fact that the church is built in a western style. The people in the church are very multi cultural. The church has a Japanese community (being the biggest out of all the communities), Filipino community, Brazilian community, Spanish community, and an American community. It also holds events periodically to bring all communities together and celebrate religious festivals. I think that the existence of the church holds a part of the community that many people in the city don't notice. It holds a weekly personal influence and maybe even more so for others of its members.

Big Park Near the Hirakata Station
Example of Different Areas
Single Tree in the Park field
       The big park by Hirakata is a little bit out of the way, which is probably the reason why a lot of people in Kansai Gaidai haven't seen it or have barely passed through it. The park is always visited by families during the weekends which, even in great quantities, still makes the park look vast and almost empty. The park tends to have different areas to it (terrain), which gives each family a place of preference to locate itself  at. A lot of kids will be riding the bikes through the ample area, or playing sports with friends or families.
Example of Different Areas
 The river by the park gives a good atmosphere, and creates a scenic view towards the bridge close by and the other side. This is a great gathering area for the Hirakata area as it has the area to support the people, and the resources for entertainment!!

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  1. You have two interesting subject in this post - the church and the park. It would probably be best to focus on one or the other (I would be more interested in the church) and give more details. In these short posts, quality over quantity is valued. And while I like your introduction, it does take a lot of space. The post gets interesting with your second paragraph. So again, because of the text limitation you might want to ask yourself how the introduction is contributing to your specific focus.

    Please work on the formatting of photos and text. The size and placement of the photos seems a little haphazard. This is a big challenge, I know. But take a look at some former students' blogs and see how they incorporate text and photos to describe and explore their particular theme.

    I thought you had changed the background and font color. Or maybe for some reason it appears differently on my computers at home and school. But now I am having difficulty reading the light gray text on top of the puke-pink colored background...

    I am confident you will be able to make these changes in your future posts. I personally know you are gifted in terms of your observations and comments. I want them to come out more efficiently in your blog.


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